What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Today we will talk about digital marketing.

Marketing of our product and services through a digital medium like the internet is called digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a simple way to connect with new customers, this allows us to reach more people in less time

What is the trend of customers, what the customer is looking forward to, we can keep an eye on now, when we want to buy a product, we are searching online before buying, reviewing it, which is possible in digital marketing.

“Digital marketing is a marketing technique that involves usages of digital medium such as internet and wireless for creating awareness, consideration, purchase, loyalty for a brand product or a service.”

4 golden rule is required for the marketing of any brand.

1. Awareness

2. Consideration

3. Purchase

4. Loyalty

Digital marketing has become necessary because every person is connected to the internet which can be used easily at every location.

Digital marketing has many functions inside, such as social media, search engine, email marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing etc.
The expression “computerized advertising” alludes to utilizing advanced channels, gadgets, and stages (paying little heed to whether they are on the web or not) to fabricate or advance your showcasing message.

As such, with advanced promoting, you don’t confine yourself to utilizing the web. Along these lines, advanced showcasing can fill in as an ‘umbrella’ term since it incorporates many advertising methods.

For example, in the event that you download ‘Temple Run 2’ on your iPhone, you would do this by utilizing the web, and the application was worked with innovation that most likely did also. In any case, when you use it on your telephone, the application is working free from the web and accordingly thought about a type of computerized promoting.

To give you another model, suppose you need to run a versatile crusade where you send SMS writings to your clients offering up and coming advancements from your business. Once more, innovation was utilized to make and send the message, however, it was no requirement for a live web association for your clients to get it.

You could state that as long as innovation continues advancing, so will be computerized promoting. You could likewise say that anything that has an advanced establishment can be viewed as computerized promoting. Furthermore, starting now, you have a lot of procedures to browse.
* Games
* Content Marketing
* Video Marketing
* Mobile Marketing (SMS text campaigns)
* TV Ads
Here’s another idea: digital marketing may also refer to offline ads on digital devices. In this case, you can launch an ad with a local cable company (offline ads) and display ads on TVs (a digital device).


*Web content marketing: Web content marketing is a marketing technique where good content is created and distributed, which is relevant or important, and it is also consistent with which it can attract more and more audiences.

Ex- Infographics,web pages,podcasts,video,text or e-book.

*Mobile marketing: Mobile marketing is marketing that uses mobile devices to marketing

*It is very similar to Internet marketing.

*Email marketing: Marketing your business or product through email or ad through email, is called email marketing.

*Affiliate and Adsense marketing: Affiliate marketing is a way through which a blogger sells a company’s product through its website and when a visitor buys that product by clicking on the link of that product, then the blogger will be commissioned from the company of that product.

*Social media marketing: Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing where we create thousands of content and share, it contains text image video.

*Search engine optimization

*Google Adwords and advertising etc.



*Digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing small business have little resources and capitalization, this is why digital marketing provides them with a better and much more cost-effect marketing channel that delivers results.

*If you have good information about d.m, it helps in improving your personal branding.

*It helps you get a job and it also makes you an interpreter.

*If you have good information then you can easily earn profit from your business.

*The results are immediately visible.

*Increases brand trust.

*More and more people can be reached all over the world.

*It’s easy to get advice and feedback from customers.

*The best part is that you can easily find out where your customers are from which country, how many people saw your ad, how many clicked, what is their age, what language do they know.

It is possible to get all this information in d.m, so digital marketing is a very good platform where marketing can be done easily.

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