Buying a media share is online media buying or online media buying is the process of buying visibility on available online inventory.


ADVERTISER- One who advertises the Ads.

AGENCY- The person who connects the advertiser and publisher with each other is called an agency or network.

PUBLISHER- Websites that promote them advertiser and take money, we call them Publisher.


TEXT ADS- When you search something on Google, there are many websites on it, many of them who rank by running ads. Here the promotion is done in the form of text.

BANNER ADS- Banner Ads also come in online advertisements, these are just like images Ads. These are of two types.

1-STATICS BANNER ADS- Statics Ads continue to appear on the screen, They do not disappear even after some time.

2-FLASH BANNER ADS- Flash banner ads are those ads which are visible on the screen for some time and disappear automatically after some time. These Ads are kept coming and going like the flash.

RICH MEDIA ADS- Rich media ads are quite expensive, they use very few companies, Or very rich company uses them. These aids use high graphics due to which ads seem very attractive.

VIDEO ADS-When you have ever opened YouTube, you must have seen that a small promotion is done as a video before any video is played. This is 10 to 15 seconds of video.


Revolution in online market due to online media buying. Due to online advertisements, our market is growing rapidly. All business will be easy due to online media buying, Business has reached all people due to online media buying. Being online will make everyone know about our business. In online Ads, we get such options which can show us wherever we want or those who want to show Ads. In this, we can target our audience.



CONTEXTUAL TARGETING- If we work by targeting the content of any page, then it is called contextual targeting.

DEVICE TARGETING-When we create Ads for a specific device and we want advertisements to run in a specific device, then we are called device targeting. Like we create an Ads and we want that Ads run an android, apple, window or other specific devices.

GEO-TARGETING- With the help of geo-targeting, we can target any place, target users there, or target any country.

INTEREST TARGETING- With the help of cookies, we can know about the person’s interest.

NETWORK TARGETING- We can target people through different networks.

RUN OF SITE- You can make your promotions on more than one website and on their page.


In the website, we can also target that we want to make our promotion headers, footers, sidebars or on the main page. With the help of online media buying, we can bring more fame and traffic to our website in less time. With the help of any famous website, like  The Times Of India, we can purchase a small place on their website for our Ads. We know how important this factor is to us, due to which the user will aware, they will be easily aware of the product and the traffic on the website will increase.

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