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Affiliate marketing

The way digital marketing has become so popular in today’s marketing so that we can grow our business very well, affiliate marketing in this digital marketing technique is a marketing strategy with the help of which we can get people from our website. Side income can also be done. This method of marketing is growing rapidly because people are very much interested in online marketing. Nowadays people are making money through affiliate marketing by creating e-commerce sites and blogs. Today we will talk about this affiliate marketing blog, and tell you all the details.









Affiliate marketing is a way of marketing, with the help of which we can easily sell any company’s product through its website or through your blog easily, and when a visitor clicks on the link of that product or the affiliate company So, the blogger or the owner of the website gets some commission from affiliate, this commission is based on the product. As the Commission on Fashion Products and Lifestyles is much more and more sold than the product, and commission on the product of electronics is not much. If you are affiliating with any company, then selling the product, it is most important that traffic should come to your website. Today many people do not use it even on their website knowing about Affiliate because they hesitate and think that it will be correct or not. The best use of Affiliate is on our blog, any visitor will visit your blog and you can link to the product associated with your blog so that it can easily buy that product by clicking on that link.


If you know the answer as to how affiliate marketing works, the people who do their business online can benefit from it, if any company launches its product, then it is the first promotion of that product. Only then will the cell of that product increase, because unless people are aware of it, how will they buy a product? That’s why affiliate programs were started, this is the promotion of the company’s product and promoters such as a blog or the owner of the website can get some money for promotions.

The Business Cause of affiliate marketing is based, in which when the owner of a website or blogger joins an affiliate program with which company, the company gives two types of links to that blogger or the owner of the website to promote their product. is.
1. Banner link
2. Product Link
Affiliate company promotes its company with the help of banner link
And with the help of Product Link, the company promotes its particular product which it wants to promote. These two links have to be promoted to different places on the blogger’s website, and when a visitor clicks on this link, then he goes straight to the page that is being promoted by a blogger. And if the visitor purchases a product then some commission of that product is given to the blogger.


As mentioned above, it is a commission based program, so this business can be made like a side business and earn a lot of money, the best use we can make on our blog, any topic But we are writing blogs, we can give affiliate links to any product associated with it and earn side income. With different companies, we can join through the affiliate program and can track that people are more likely to buy a product from which company. After this we only promote the company from which we are getting more customers, with the help of this method, we can increase our sales.


1. PRODUCT AFFILIATE – When a company launches a product, it creates a website and affixes it and promotes it, and sells it with the help of SEO, and when the order is received, the blogger receives the commission.

2. COUPONS AFFILIATE – Affiliates have been taking a lot of time through coupons, but since the beginning of the e-commerce company, the people of the coupons have started understanding and coupon is affiliated with the affiliate program and making good money. Using coupons, people get good discounts on product prices, companies like Flipkart, Amazon, launch coupons.

3. PRICE COMPARISON SITES Price comparison sites are websites that offer reviews about a product and tell them that these products are sold at different prices on different sites. The best example of Price comparison sites is the Trivago company, these companies show that the same hotel is booked at different prices. This is also a good way to make money.

4. CONTENT WEBSITE AFFILIATE – This is also a good way to make money when we make a website, then we get some limited space, we can use blogging, blogging and connecting to an affiliate. Like when a product is promoted, when a visitor purchases a product, then the blogger has commission based income. Ex-Job sites, news sites, advice sites.

5. PPC AFFILIATE – We can make money through PPC, but what is the PPC affiliate, how can we earn through this, we will tell in this blog today. One way to earn money is to approve AdSense from Google, when the adds started running and when started Leeds, Impressions, and PPC, we started earning. Another way to earn money is that lots of company that runs paid or free adds on your website when someone clicks on these adds and purchases the product, then you have income like a commission.

6. E-MAIL AFFILIATE -When we link to a company’s product, we match different people with their id, and people check that mail open, if people like that product and the visitor buys that product then You will get commission of that product.


In today’s times, people are mostly using digital goods, and many people are also taking advantage of it by blogging. Many bloggers are making huge money by connecting to affiliate programs with the help of blogging on their website. For this, you only need to go to the affiliate program of affiliate company and register for free, then the company will give you the code, set that code to the dashboard of your website where you want to promote, such as header, footer, or sidebar. After that, the product or product of that company will be promoted on your website, and when a visitor purchases the product, you will get a commission.



If you search on the internet then you will get a lot of affiliate companies, but today I will tell you about some websites that give you more commission so that you get the maximum benefit. Before joining any company, all its terms and conditions must be read carefully.

1.Amazon Affiliate

2. Snap Deal

3. Click Bank

4. Commission Junction

5. e Bay

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